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    Why are whiteboard animation videos so effective?

    The internet and social sites are rapidly turning to emotional, visual and quickly engaging media. A Whiteboard animation combines these three aspects while describing your service, technology or product in a better and cost-effective way. Over half of the marketing professionals worldwide have backed the fact that using a video is the perfect marketing tool for websites in this social media generation according to CopyPress. An explainer video explains complex ideas in a simple and engaging manner by combining these ideas to bring out the intended meaning in an enticing manner. It can be shared because of its effective and explanatory content because a video can increase conversions up to 60% because of its attractive storytelling, handsome visuals or its eye-catching characters. 

    In fact, part of Google’s algorithm for ranking sites considers the amount of time visitors stay on your site and therefore, having Whiteboard animated videos will make visitors stay on your site watching the animations for longer. The use of Whiteboard animations has boomed in popularity over the last one year thanks to their proven effectiveness and affordability. Boosting sales, increasing conversion, and clarifying products are just the 3 out of the 10 benefits business get by using a Whiteboard animation.


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    1. Enables Better Clarity of the Objective of Your Product

    Using text to explain the objective or usefulness of a product can be tricky since different people can interpret it in different ways. However, with Whiteboard animations, the guess work is eliminated, and the work of explaining the basic functions and usefulness of the product or service becomes easier and faster. People gain a better understanding of your service or product once they see and hear a background voice explain with the help of animated visuals. A whiteboard animation clarifies what your business can do for its clients and why they should choose your business over other competing business.

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    2. Increases The Conversion Rates

    According to a study carried out by Video Rascal, over 85% of people are more likely to result in buying a product once they see an accompanying animated video. Whiteboard animations help up-and-coming business owners to keep a tally of the number of visitors that visits their sites who can become potential customers. Although many businesses are more concerned with counting the amount of sales, animated videos can help one keep track of the services or products the customers are more interested in by displaying the viewership of the animated videos. 

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    3. Improves The Ranking Of The Business Website In Google Search Results

    Statistically speaking, websites that are not active or stale don't convert and are ineffective. Web sites that are loaded with pages of images and block text rank extremely low in Google Search result page and this translates to less exposure. Block text and series of images scares away customers who want to get quickly a grasp of what the product or service is all about, and make a purchase right then and there. According to Spork Marketing and several other respected sites, it takes less than 60 seconds to make a purchasing decision. It’s also clear from these sites that website with videos ranks higher in Google search results.

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    4. They Are Attractive And Thus Generate Interest

    More businesses are opting to use social signals and visual media to spread the word and promote their brand and products. They choose to do this by using media such as videos and images to generate increased interest in their services or products. According to a study published in The C100, over 70% of the internet users watch either animated or explanatory videos online. This explains the boom in the popularity of using Whiteboard animations to promote products, brands, website and products. 

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    5. Increased Web Traffic

    Since the dawn of YouTube, videos have gained popularity, thanks to the users who opt to share them on social sites. The phrase “Going viral” has since been widely used to indicate a video that is growing in popularity rapidly. A viral video is one that seems to pop up out of nowhere and gets large viewership in a short duration of time. Regrettably, there is no set standard or formula to gauge when a video should be called viral, but quite a few products or services have gained popularity through viral videos, including some of the popular brands that we know today. Examples are Apple iOS 5 by Apple that gained over two million views and Old Spice that gained over 42 million views and according to Ad Week, Old Spice sales shot to 107 percent using a viral video. These are just a few of the brands that recorded massive sales by using videos to promote their products. It just shows where Whiteboard animations can take you if you opt to use them to promote your services or products.

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    6. It Helps To Liven Up Your Site

    A paper pitch is just boring. Why don’t you liven up your pitch by using an animated video? Pamphlets with bunches of pie charts and words as well as PowerPoint slideshows don’t capture the audience as such. However, a well-produced Whiteboard animation such as those made by Web-Motion coupled with engaging visuals and a well-organized script can capture the attention of your customers immediately. Whiteboard animations are especially helpful when you are trying to explain the usage of a complicated service or product. 

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    7. They Are Easily Shareable

    An animated video does not necessarily have to be confined to your site. As a matter of fact, free video hosting sites such as Vimeo and YouTube have effective tools that allow easy upload of videos and use of keywords to draw interest to your Whiteboard animation. The added advantage of using these sites to promote your video is that they are Tablet, and Smart Phone compatible whereas your site may not be handset responsive. Videos can be shared easily unlike text web pages. People are most likely to watch and share videos on the internet rather than read block texts on a website.

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    8. They Grab Audience Attention

    Traditional web content and style of using text and slide shows cannot go very far. In fact, it’s demotivating to go through a large piece of text without some videos in between to explain the large parts of what you’re trying to say. However, some people cram their sites with flashy animations, colorful fonts, and loads of pictures. Do you know what these things do?


    they confuse your audience and 2nd

    - Slows down the load time of your webpages

    Both of these effects are a total disaster for your site. Why not take all the cool ideas and place them in a whiteboard animated video? These will be a better and effective way to increase the load time of your webpages and grab audience attention. It also keeps your website clean and on point while providing enough materials to attract and engage a potential customer.

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    9. It Helps One To Showcase Their Personality

    Personality is the number one thing that helps to retain customers. Clients will come back to your site if you display good personality. It is crucial for a customer to be able to relate to you by just knowing your name. This is especially the case with the online businesses where the customers know little about you or your business. Animated videos help customers to gain a sense of trust in your products and your brand if they see you or an animated version of you creating virtual connections.

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    10. Helps Your Audience Retain Information

    According to a study carried out by Wharton Research Center, an average person retains 10% of what they get to hear and more than 50% of what they see. What does this mean for your business; an increase in the use of visuals to advertise your services or products. Attractive visuals continue to be the main way that business can attract and retain customers. If the customers like your product or if they find it effective or useful, they will share your video.

    There are so many benefits of using whiteboard animated videos for your website that we too, if we were to post all of them, would need a whiteboard animation. People create videos about everything from reviews to creating awareness, thereby proving that the use of videos is the most popular brand for people to advertise and share information.

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    So Would You Like To Know How You Can Make Your Whiteboard Animation Viral? Here Are Five Tips That Can Help You

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    1. Make It Handset Friendly

    According to an article published by eMarketer on 2014, the time spent by handset users to watch videos is growing faster than on any other medium. It is projected that the use of smartphones and tablets will overtake PCs in the near future as the leading tool for watching digital videos. This means that if you want your animated video to get many views, you got to make it mobile friendly. This will make your business to capitalize on the biggest clients’ frenzy. Tablet and mobile phone users are more likely to share your video with other people in their work environments. 

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    2. Come Up With A Capturing Storyline

    People love stories and in fact, that’s why Hollywood sells. Creating suspension is the number one strategy of making your whiteboard animated video gain viewership. Whiteboard animation is one of the excellent ways to communicate your story. Therefore, if you want to increase the viewership of your video come up with a captivating story line and if you can’t, you can always hire companies that are dedicated to creating these videos such as Web-motion to carry out that task for you.

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    3. Embrace Action And Fantasy

    Animation can give you the scope and freedom to create any scenario, perhaps one that we have not even imagined. This element can grab viewers’ attention even more. It will display your designing and imaginative skills which will make your business stand out. Humor is one of the most lighthearted of emotions that has proven successful in countless animated films and cartoons. Irony is another element that one can use, and this will add drama to a video. Your ideas can go wild, and this can be the reason why potential customers can opt for your products or services.

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    4. Choose Your Style

    Your marketing strategy, target audience and purpose of your video will dictate the type of animation to use. There are many choices of videos that one can use, but use of whiteboard animations has proven successful than use of other visuals such as motion graphics and stop motions. Whiteboard animations are ideal for explainer videos as they take views step by step through the complex topic. Animations are great for a company that is evolving as they allow changes even after completion.

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    5. Hosting Your Video

    The sole reason for creating the whiteboard animated video was for people to view it. Therefore, you have to consider how and when to host it so as to attract the audiences that will become potential customers. Take your time to come up with an attractive title and an intriguing and concise summary of the video by inserting keywords in the most appropriate areas to maximize your returns. The next consideration is where you will host your video. Hosting your video on your website can slow down the web pages load time and therefore, it’s better to upload it on streaming platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. You can also embed the animated video in your social pages. 

    If showcased on all your online platforms, the right combination of expressions and values in your animated video can increase your online presence significantly. It also looks more professional. This is particularly important for upcoming business as it may be the first point of contact with many customers. A brief, concise and intriguing animated video can be all that you need to inspire a conversion.

  • The use of whiteboard animation is an innovative method of communication that can add value to your site and increase conversion as well. They offer an opportunity to business to enhance their online presence and make them stand out from their competitors. With creativity, good visuals, and excellent hosting and sharing, your business can clock record sales thanks to their effectiveness in converting leads.



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